Monday, August 16, 2010

Emptiness :)

is this emptiness like they've said to me before??
i have no smile to show
i have no graceful face
i don't even cry
what i feel right know is just pain
i can't truly know what it is
it's just like freeze at all
freezing heart
i just can't live my life as usual as possible
everything seems so colorful
but it leaves me at all
i'm here
i have no power to touch everything colorful around me
why can be like this ? :(
uncomfortable sleep
i know i have to be strong
i have to
maybe i can pretend it
i'll pretend
i'll lie to the whole world that i'm fine at all
i'll give my best smile
but who knows that my heart is crying?
it's so hard to breathe right now
and i totally tired to try it
maybe it's time to close my eyes :)


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