Thursday, August 25, 2011


At first, when your tears drenched my clothes,
I thought I should just wait and let them dry.
But those tears became bigger clouds and wind,
and are falling as a rain that stops my feet.
While getting drenched by the rain that can't be stopped or avoided,
where am i supposed to go?
I lost my way.
Even though I wan to run far away,
you stay on my mind, and I keep coming back.
I want to protect you,
and I want to treat you well.

ini salah satu "script" yang ada di "My Girlfriend is Gumiho" eps 16.
Last episode sih..
n emang yg paling keren!! ^^
finally, aq nylesein film ini setelah sekian lama.. :D
pretty cool !! ^^

film ini bner2 patut ditonton lah..
recommended banget ^^
sampek nangis2 liatnya.. kyaaaaa...

kisah percintaan yang WOW..
penuh pengorbanan..
menguras emosi deh liatnya.... hahaha... ^^

OST nya ngga kalah OK dr filmnya..

KEREN deh pokoknya ^^


Wii~ said...

sippO :D
segera ntn SG :D

just jezz :) ♥ said...

okeee cece :*
masih eps 3 :D

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