Saturday, December 15, 2012

It has been a long time ! :)

hellou world, what's goin on? 
is everything okay?
i miss creating post here, sharing some story that can be told ! :D

i've just realized.. :o
most of my post here is about my suck love story, isn't it? x.x
what a shame.. hahaha..
no prob lah, it was just a process for being more mature today ! :)

and now,
i want to share my story (once again it's about stupid love story.) hihi..
He (the one that i loved the most) has ended my beautiful tale :(
it's all over now.. and nothing left to beg for..

it has been 8 months after that horrible tragedy ! x.x
and i've proved that i was wrong.
distance is really a huge matter for a relationship.
your relationship won't go on without any real "touch" :p

you must have a lot of questions why i gave up..?
i, myself, don't really understand what happened exactly.
too much problems, too much tears, too much pain..
and what else you expect me to hold on to?
nothing =D hahaha

but it was my story.. it WAS.. :D
and i thank God for this story. it's a relief that i'm not with him now :)

i have moved on now !

there's no more pain, no more tears, no more sadness :D
now, I'm happy with my college life..

escape a boring class n go somewhere else.. what a life ! :D hahaha

and i don't exactly know whether i'm too afraid or something else,
now i have no longing to start a new relationship yet ..
i still enjoying my new life in this new city :)

thank God for everything ! :)           


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